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“Always Hands-On” Ironclad Featured In Manufacturing Today

No matter how advanced technology becomes, there will always be a need for people who work with their hands, and those hands will always need protection from the day-to-day rigors of the job.

The first manufacturer to introduce performance work gloves to the market, Ironclad, for more than 17 years, has been at the forefront of developing products that provide optimum protection for workers’ hands and improve their performance in their jobs.

When Ironclad opened its doors in 1998, the work glove was a static product. Although the needs of workers in the oil and gas, manufacturing, construction and other industries were and remain unique and diverse, the work gloves used by all of them were virtually the same. The one-size-fits-most leather gloves offered protection for workers’ hands, but they were cumbersome and didn’t provide workers with much dexterity for finer work.

Ironclad’s innovation was to take a page from the world of sportswear and develop work gloves that fit – appropriately – like a glove. Its products were made of lightweight, durable and breathable materials. For the first time, work gloves not only provided full protection for workers’ hands, but were far more comfortable and customizable for various specific tasks. Ironclad’s Vice President of Marketing, Shawn Norfolk says, “If there’s a guy framing a house, he needs a specific glove, and that’s a different glove than a guy who’s working with hand tools or power equipment.”

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